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Steam Punk Star Wars by Bjorn Hurri.

Super Hero Beers - If Superheroes Brewed Their Own Beers… by Marcelo Rizzetto.

If Videogame Characters Went to Your High School…

Gonzo and Duke.

TMNT NYC Van Chase by Eddie Nunez.

Captain of the Wastelands - Post apocalyptic Captain America by Christopher Stevens.

Pikatron and Mariotron by Dave Kopet

Exercises for the Incredibly Lazy…

Someone screwed up!

Lord Vader Sits On The Iron Throne…

Who’s WHO - The Mug shot challenge by Eyz

Face Paint by Christy Lewis (aka Daizy)

People with Pretty creative Business Cards.

Cosmetic Surgeon

Yoga Instructor

Divorce Attorney

Yoga Studio

Fitness Trainer



Delivery Company

Bike Shop


and one with Lego Minifigs

Social Media Proverbs.

Alarm clocks I would like to have…